10 Tips For A DIY Anti-Wrinkle Program For Your Skin

Andre Lorent, producers of what is likely to be the best face cream for wrinkles. They have been producing this best seller on Amazon for years now and the reviews tell of the effectiveness. The cream includes a serum to enhance the youthful effect to show off a face full of brightness, vitality and youth. They have kindly provided an article that provides insight to enable our reader to follow a natural DIY treatment step by step towards reversing the aging process of your skin.

Regarding the Andre Lorent cream, it prevents and corrects the signs of skin aging caused mainly by chronological aging: lines of expression, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, luminosity and tone.

Formulated by a 3-Retinol Sustained Release System. The retinoids stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes, normalize the exfoliation process, improve the texture and tone of the skin.

The combination with other active ingredients such as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid or TGF-B2 growth factor potentiate its effects while improving its tolerance.

Wrinkles are marks, furrows or folds in the skin caused by various factors. It is a natural process of aging.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and begins to sink, the skin is formed by three layers: the outermost and that everyone can see, the epidermis : intermediate layer called dermis and an inner layer called subcutaneous .


How to prevent wrinkles naturally?

Below, you will find 10 Tips to help keep your skin looking youthful. Everyone knows that young skin has fewer wrinkles. You can help reverse or slow down the aging look process if you follow the next 10 steps: –

1. Avoid the sun

3. Sufficient Sleep.

4. Sleep on your back.

5. Do not squint.

6. Eat more fish, especially salmon.

7. Eat more Soy, Fruits and Vegetables.

8. Change the Coffee for Cocoa.

9. Drink enough water each day.

10. Use Moisturizing Creams and Effective Facial Cleansers: A good moisturizer will make your skin moist, looking better and decreasing wrinkles.