Your Hair speaks too

The way you dress is how you will be addressed. Yes many people always talk about dressing forget that hair is part of the dressing package too. One of the first things people take note of when they meet you is your hair. Hair tells a lot about the person who has them on their head. Hair is a sign of beauty no matter how you have it. It is a political and professional statement.

The protest at the Pretoria High Schools for Girls at their fun fair over the weekend has put hair politics, identity and debates around racism back on the national discourse. And yet again we, black people, find ourselves having to explain and justify our anger. And it is not “alleged” racism as some print media publications put it.

And you may ask, what has hair got to do with it? The schools’ hair regulation for black people is an attack on our hair. Hair has always been a constant battle and continues to be a battle for the black populace. It is an Achilles’ heel for many of us. This attack on our hair is an attack on our heritage, our cultures, our pride, our identity and our position in society. A battle we are yet to win. It is about violence, exploitation, marginalisation, stigmatisation, one’s sense of inferiority and power relations. It is about politics of difference. It is not a philosophical debate as some would argue. It is about our ways of being that demands of us to remain true to ourselves (Taylor, 1994). It is about subjectivity, our personal experiences of oppression versus emancipation. And importantly hair determines access to economic opportunities, progress; it determines whether you get your next meal.

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So what exactly is a good hair cut? Yes when we address hair we are not only talking about women we are also talking about  men. Women too if they love short hair need to know the aspects of a good hair cut. There are several aspects to be considered like the shape of the face, lifestyle, hair texture, profession among other things.

A good haircut starts with a great consultation.

Many times in my experience we are often drawn to what we want and what we don’t have. I had a client with very thick beautiful hair.  She kept being drawn to pictures of women with medium to fine textured hair, which was not at all the canvas we were working with.  What I realized she really wanted was a more layered look with plenty of the bulk removed. I explained to her that the pictures she was showing me didn’t match her hair texture.  I was able to show her realistic pictures of what her hair would look like when cut in a thinner version of what she originally wanted.  As a stylist, I was able to support her in a way of embracing the hair on her head while giving her a clearer picture of what her hair would look like when the new cut and style was complete.

Think of your haircut as the foundation on which your style will stand. Often times I have new guests in my chair and they complain about not having the right styling products because their hair “just doesn’t do what they want it to”.  This conversation can be a sign of the wrong cut for how they desire to style their hair. Usually I find their hair has been overly texturized or the proper shape just isn’t there.

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Your hair can actually get you a job. Talk to actors and you will see that grooming is everything. If your hair’s a mess then you are sending all the wrong signals to the hiring board. When your hair is good you also ooze confidence which really is a chill pill during a tough interview session.

During the the audition, you need to not only have the copy prepared but also your appearance.

If your hair is a mess and your face is shiny, you may have a problem booking the jobs. Actors have said to me, “If they like me they can do my hair and makeup on the shoot.” Sorry my friends, but that’s not going to happen.

The producers, director, and even their clients are not going to watch your half-prepared audition and think, “Sure no problem.  Let’s just call them back and see if they do a better job.” Or, “Well, maybe if we do their hair and makeup correctly, they will look better.”  That’s not going to happen. This is a business and every bit of preparedness helps.

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