Some Important Hygiene Tips To Follow While Attending Yoga Class

As much as we love our yoga class, the last thing we want to do is get sick from attending. Especially now more than ever, we need to take extra care to protect ourselves against illness. If you live in one of the places that are allowing yoga classes amid this coronavirus pandemic then there are a few things that you should do to minimize the chances that you come into contact with any germs or bacteria that might compromise you.

First off, before you even attend class, make sure that you have cleaned your yoga mat very well. By very well mean not only just whipped it down but also disinfected it so that it is properly sanitized. By simply wiping your yoga mat, you are not going to actually be killing any germs. All you will be doing is just moving them around from one part of the mat to another. Use a microfiber cloth. I personally like using a Dredge microfiber mop because it gets the job done in half the time and it also allows you to apply a nice amount of pressure to clean well enough.

Before leaving home for the studio, wash your hands thoroughly. Take a bottle of your own personal disinfectant spray with you to the gym, you are going to need it. Once you arrive at the studio, wash your hands again. By washing your hands when you arrive, you minimize the chances of having anything stay on your hands and then get transferred to the rest of your body while you workout. When you arrive at your designated spot for the yoga session, its always good practice to clean the area where you plan on putting down your mat. Again, use a microfiber mop or cloth. Doing this will really minimize the chances that you will come into contact with anything unwanted from the floor during your session.

When you finish your session. Its always polite to clean the area of the floor where you were working out and sweating. Doing this will also minimize the chances of you spreading any germs to the next person who will work out in that spot. If you are the type of person who likes showering at the gym, I would recommend you not do that during these times of the coronavirus. Its much safer to shower at home and not worth the risk.