5 Tips For Better Hair!

If your anything like me, you look at your hair at least 5 times a day and nitpick every little thing. After nitpicking I normally think to myself how can I fix this hair?, if this is something that you ask yourself this article is for you. In this article you will find 5 tips to help you in your journey to better hair!

Start Conditioning all your hair

Its common for many people to only condition the lower half of their hair to avoid hair being weighed down by conditioner. But what a lot of people dont know is that your hair needs the support of conditioner. Using conditioner daily is crucial for your fine hair that is extremely fragile. If you are concerned about hair breakage switch to a light conditioner that strengthens you hear without it being weighed down.

Stop brushing your wet hair

Do not brush your hair after getting out of the shower. This is a common idea that many do without understanding the consequences. Many people will complete their shower with a nice hair brushing, but they do not know that their hair when wet is extremely fragile. When you brush that fragile hair, you risk breakage and damage to your hairs. If you are worried about knots in your hair use your fingers to detangle your hair after drying it with a towel.

Avoid silicone-based products

Silicone based products may make your hair look shiny and healthy, but this is an illusion that is far from the truth. Silicone dries out hair from the inside while giving a healthy and shiny appearance from the outside. A lot of people love the results of Silicone based hair products but dont understand that silicone actually causes damage to hair says Jan Jordan, a 20-year spa owner. These silicone-based products prevent nutrients from your conditioner to penetrate your hair.

Cut back on your amount of hair product

If it looks like a lot of product in your hand, or if you feel like youve sprayed too much, it probably is too much. So often we slop that volumizing mousse on and have way too much product in our hair. Too much product can have an adverse effect and make you hair look weighed down and sloppy. When you apply product you also cause you to become greasier quicker than usual. A lot of times when applying product, we feel that we need a lot because our hair is really bad, but this can cause way to much product application. If you need to apply half of what you need to and then add it incrementally as you see your hair react to the product.

Stop picking your split ends

Split ends make all of us crazy but if you want further damage to your hair pick them apart. Split ends can be corrected by a good trim which should be your first response. As a temporary fix you can use a conditioner that claims to heal split ends but avoid long term use. Long term use with many of these conditioners could result in your hair drying out or further damage. As bored as you might get you need to avoid going to your split ends to use as your pass time.

Although there are many more tips for beautiful healthy hair , these are just a few of my favorites. I hope that these tips help you in your journey towards beautiful healthy hair.